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Creating Business Superfans: The Key to Success in Today's Competitive Market | Frederick Dudek

November 08, 20234 min read
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“I didn't just recognize the company because the company wasn't the people that made it successful, it was that sales person or that tech guy at that company that were the ones promoting our product and making the sales for us. So I would recognize the company as well as that sales individual, and that was really the big difference, as I recognized that person. As one of the quotes in my book says, people will crawl through broken glass for appreciation and recognition.” - Frederick Dudek

Creating Business Superfans:
The Key to Success in
Today's Competitive Market
| Frederick Dudek

Transform Your Business into a Customer Magnet.🧲
Here's How to Create Busines Superfans

In the latest episode of the Marketing Boost Solutions Podcast, we have on the spotlight, Frederick Dudek, author of the renowned book ”Creating Business Superfans." We discussed how recognizing and appreciating each cog in the business wheel can amplify the positive impact. A satisfied customer, a valued employee, and a trusted business partner—all can become your superfans. It's all about maximizing value, one customer at a time!

  • The Journey to "Creating Business Superfans"

    Frederick shared that he wrote the book during the pandemic, combining old school techniques with new world approaches to create superfans for businesses. His journey from being a draftsman/engineer for the 1982 Ford Escort to getting into computer-aided design and eventually transitioning into sales is truly inspiring. His experience in sales training and his success as a salesperson, eventually becoming a district manager and regional manager, is a testament to his dedication and hard work.

  • The Importance of Building Relationships

    Frederick emphasized the importance of building relationships with customers, especially in European and Asian markets. He shared a story about building relationships with distributors in Japan and how it led to a significant order. This highlights the importance of recognizing and appreciating the individuals within companies who contribute to success.

  • Building Superfans for Businesses

    Frederick shared his experience of building superfans for his own businesses. He explained that he learned to change his sales approach by focusing on what the CEO or owner of a company cares about: the cost, the benefits, and the return on investment. By providing excellent service and building strong relationships, Frederick was able to turn his customers into superfans who would vouch for his company.

  • The Power of Networking and Building Relationships

    I added that networking and building relationships with complementary organizations can also help in creating superfans. Referring clients to other businesses that provide services related to your own can expand the network of superfans.

  • The Business Super Fan Scorecard

    Frederick's website features a Business Super Fan Scorecard page. At the end of each chapter in his book, there are questions that allow readers to rate themselves on a scale of 0 to 10. This helps them assess how well they did in implementing the concepts from the chapter. By connecting the dots on the scorecard, readers can identify areas where they may have a "dilapidated wheel" and then use the scorecard's action plan to make changes and track their progress.

  • The Importance of Online Reviews and Testimonials

    Frederick and I discussed the importance of online reviews and testimonials in building a strong online reputation. We shared our own experience of generating over 30,000 video testimonials on our website and thousands of video reviews on other products. We control our online reputation by requesting reviews to be posted on various third-party review sites. This strategy helps us gain social proof and credibility when potential customers search for our brand.

  • Building a Database and Encouraging Referrals

    We also discussed the importance of acquiring customer contact information and building a database. We suggest using QR codes to encourage customers to engage and share their experiences on social media. We also discussed the significance of referrals and how asking for referrals can turn customers into superfans.

  • Strategies for Building Business Superfans

    Frederick shared an example of a mortgage company owner who sent out a Halloween card with a funny message and a picture of himself in a costume. This simple gesture resulted in more phone calls and ultimately boosted his business. I added that we provide a birthday connector software to annual members of Marketing Boost, which allows them to send customized birthday messages to their contacts on Facebook.

  • The Importance of Follow-Up in Customer Service

    Frederick highlighted the importance of follow-up in customer service. Often, there is no follow-up after a service has been provided, which is a missed opportunity. Reaching out to customers after the service and asking for feedback can make a significant difference in building customer loyalty.

Remember, creating superfans for your business is all about recognition, appreciation, and excellent customer service. So, let's start building those superfans! I encourage you all to check out Frederick's book, "Creating Business Superfans," and join his community. You can connect with him through through his social media sites below:

Website: https://businesssuperfans.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/frederick.dudek

Linkedin: https://linkedin.com/in/frederickdudek

Instagram: https://instagram.com/frederickdudek

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