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Sell Smart, Not Hard.💡Here’s How to Sell the Way Your Customers Demand | Kristin Zhivago

April 16, 20243 min read

Sell Smart, Not Hard.💡Here's How to Sell the Way Your Customers Demand | Kristin Zhivago

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🎙️In this episode, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Kristin Zhivago, a proven revenue coach and owner of a digital marketing agency. She is an expert on How to Sell the Way Your Customers Want to Buy. Her journey from tech sales to authoring the transformative book "Roadmap to Revenue" is a testament to her deep understanding of the digital agency space. She and her team help companies increase their revenue by delivering a steady stream of highly qualified leads, and by helping company leaders manage their marketing and companies for growth.  

  • The Power of Customer Interviews
    During our discussion, Kristin illuminated the often-overlooked gap between sellers' perceptions and buyers' realities. She advocated for the transformative power of customer interviews, a method that goes beyond traditional surveys to tap into the authentic voices of those who have already made a purchase. Kristin's approach is both strategic and empathetic, focusing on open-ended questions that reveal the customer's genuine thoughts and experiences.

  • Translating Customer Insights into Business Growth

    Kristin stressed the importance of not just collecting feedback but translating it into actionable insights. She outlined a process that includes creating detailed conversation reports and summaries with recommendations based on the interview findings. This process ensures that top management is in sync with the customer mindset, thereby empowering marketing and sales strategies. She addressed the challenge of eliciting honest feedback, suggesting that customers might be more forthcoming with a good listener within the organization, such as a customer service representative. This level of candidness is crucial for shaping a company's brand and reputation, ultimately driving revenue growth and enhancing the customer experience.

  • Overcoming Growth Plateaus and Embracing Chang
    One of the most striking points Kristin made was about the challenges companies face when scaling their businesses. She identified common plateaus and the factors that contribute to stagnation, such as resistance to change and financial mismanagement. Her personal journey of overcoming ego and learning to value the expertise of others serves as a powerful lesson for CEOs and entrepreneurs alike.

  • The Role of AI in Copywriting

    We also delved into the topic of artificial intelligence in copywriting. Kristin expressed her skepticism about AI's ability to replicate the nuanced tone, empathy, and expertise that human writers bring to the table. While acknowledging AI's potential in data analysis, she maintained that the unique insights from real buyers and subject matter experts cannot be replaced.

  • Kristin's Digital Marketing Agency and Resources

    Kristin's agency offers a comprehensive suite of services, from content marketing to marketing automation, catering to the needs of midsize companies. She highlighted the importance of a cohesive team of specialists who can collaborate effectively to deliver results.

Kristin Zhivago guesting was more than just a conversation about digital marketing and revenue growth; it was a deep dive into the human aspects of business and life. Her insights on customer interviews, overcoming growth challenges, and the limitations of AI in copywriting are invaluable for any entrepreneur looking to scale their business. I encourage all my listeners to engage with the content, subscribe to the podcast, and explore the wealth of knowledge Kristin has to offer. Together, let's navigate the roadmap to revenue and beyond.

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