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A Patriot's Musical Mission for Unity and Harmony | Matt Oakley

May 14, 20243 min read

A Patriot's Musical Mission for
Unity and Harmony | Matt Oakley

A Patriot's Mission to Celebrate Heroes through Music

🎙️ In this episode of the Marketing Boost Solutions Podcast, I had the pleasure of sitting down with the incredibly talented country music artist, Matt Oakley. We're gearing up for the much-anticipated Patriots Fest event in Aurora, Illinois, on May 18th and I wanted to share with you the very essence of our conversation, the music, and the mission behind this special gathering. Join me as we uncover the man behind the music. Explore Matt's creative process, gain insights into the business side of the music industry, and experience some of his incredible tracks firsthand.

  • Honoring Our Nation's Protectors
    First off, let me tell you about Patriots Fest. This isn't your typical political rally. It's a heartfelt celebration of God, country, and family, dedicated to honoring the brave men and women who serve as our veterans and first responders. With a lineup featuring the likes of Three Doors Down, Ted Nugent, and of course, Matt Oakley, this event promises to be a powerful tribute to our heroes.

  • A Musician with a Military Heart

    Matt Oakley joined me to talk about his deep-rooted connection to the military, having grown up in a military family. It was during his college years in South Carolina that he found his calling in music. Matt's journey is a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit, transforming his passion into a thriving business in the music industry

  • The Stories Behind the Songs
    One of the most touching moments of our chat was when Matt shared the story behind "The Richest Man I Knew," a song he wrote with his father about his grandfather. It's a beautiful homage that resonates with anyone who has ever admired a family member's wisdom and life lessons.

    We also got a sneak peek into another heartfelt track, "Can't Take the Dog," which Matt explained was inspired by his parents' separation and the ensuing dispute over the family pet. It's these personal and relatable stories that make Matt's music so impactful.

  • A Non-Political Event with a Powerful Purpose

    As we circled back to discussing Patriots Fest, Matt emphasized his personal connection to the military and the event's non-political stance. The goal is to shine a light on the sacrifices made by veterans and first responders, and to bring people together in appreciation of their service.

  • A Lineup of Legends and Rising Stars

    The event boasts an impressive roster of artists, from rock legends Ted Nugent and Three Doors Down to emerging talents like Brandon Hart. It's a lineup that promises to deliver unforgettable performances in honor of our nation's protectors.

    More about Matt Oakley:


    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mattoakleymusic

    Check out the Patriots Fest and get your tickets below!

    Patriots Fest: https://patriotsfest.com/

    Tickets: https://app.ezticketz.com/products/patriots-fest

My conversation with Matt Oakley was not only enlightening but also deeply moving. His music carries stories of family, love, and life's trials—themes that resonate with us all. Patriots Fest is more than just a concert; it's a gathering of gratitude, and I encourage everyone to join us in this celebration.

Don't forget to check out Matt Oakley's music and his upcoming events. His songs are not just melodies but narratives that capture the essence of the American spirit.

Until next time, keep honoring our heroes and supporting the music that brings us together.

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